Capitalism has dictated how the world functions for centuries. And for almost as long, there have been people who challenge its principles.  Recently, this discontent has seems to only be growing – with climate crisis posing a threat to our collective future, millions living below the poverty line, the economic and social shocks of the coronavirus pandemic and the richest 1% constantly accumulating more wealth – Gen Z and Millennials especially seem to be growing increasingly disillusioned with the system.

So we’re dedicating an episode to it. What does capitalism actually mean? Where does it come from? Who does it benefit or harm? And, most importantly, how might we escape it?

Learn – what does capitalism mean? (3 mins)

Discuss – Economy @ecnmy/ @EconomyAsks (9 mins)

Share – what can we all do? (37 mins)

Things we spoke about this week – Economy website

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