Food is one of the most universal and simple things in life. We all need it. We all think about it every day. Whether we have it or not. There’s no getting away from it. 

In the age of COVID-19, we’ve seen a spike in the conversation around food –  the rise in emergency food aid distribution and food bank use,  the pictures of people stockpiling everything from pasta to plain flour and it seems you can’t turn on any news channel without hearing Marcus Rashford’s name.  

This might all seem very recent, but this episode we explore how food has always been a political issue the help of two lifelong campaigners on food equality to find out why.

Learn – What’s political about food? (1 min 50 sec)

Discuss – Chris Mould @ChrisMould, Former Chair of @TrussellTrust Foodbank Network and award-winning social entrepreneur (9 min 10 sec); Dee Woods @Didara / @osunschild Food Campaigner and Co-Founder of Granville Community Kitchen (37 min 18 sec).

Share – what can we all do? (56 min 32 sec)

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