The way that we live means that we are constantly consuming – from the food we eat to the clothes we wear to the things we watch on the telly. But what effect is this consumption having on us and the people/ environment around us?

We discuss what the word ‘ethical’ means and how we might apply it more in our daily lives, with two companies fighting hard to change the way that we consume.

Learn – what does ethical mean? (4 mins, 44 secs)

Discuss – Ethical Consumer @ethical_consumer_magazine@ec_magazine (9 mins, 44 secs); Know The Origin @knowtheorigin (33 mins)

*We apologise as there are some sound issues this week with our interviews. The perils of virtual recording!*

Share – what can we all do? (58 mins)

Things we spoke about this week – Petition to support Iranian Activists, Ethical Consumers Guide to Ethical Banks

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