Many of us take our rights for granted, but people have fought for decades to get us the rights we have and are still fighting to preserve and improve them. This year, the global onslaught of COVID-19 made us all realise how precarious working life can be and showed the inequalities between the privileges of many desk-based jobs versus frontline or manual jobs. Brexit will also inevitably affect our working rights, but how?

This episode explores the history of unions and workers movements, gives practical tips for what all workers can do and our guests really inspire us with their optimism and wealth of knowledge.

Learn – What are Workers’ Rights? (4 mins)

Discuss – Gareth Lowe, Regional Officer of trade union Unite @GarethLowe3 (10 mins); Dave Smith, author of Blacklisted @DaveBlacklist (25 mins)

Share – What can we all do? (1 hour)

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